TRP 001: Why Remote Work is the Future & The Story Behind Remotise.com

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In this episode, Matt Tran and Matt SD (or SD for short) share their story about the struggles before finding remote work, how Matt Tran built a successful YouTube channel, and why Matt & SD partnered up to create Remotise.com.

You’ll Learn:

  • Matt Tran’s failures that lead to Remotise.com.
  • Matt SD’s realization about his digital marketing skills.
  • Why making 6-figures working in-house for any company should be your plan B.
  • How business owners can hire a full-time remote worker to help their bottom line

About Matt & SD:

In 2013, After getting fired from his 3rd engineering job, Matt decided cubicle life wasn’t for him. He decided to take his YouTube channel Engineered Truth full-time which was only making $250 per month at the time. Engineered Truth is now a mid-6-figure business, and has helped millions of people with their career. Over the years, Matt has promoted a number of job boards on his channel, but none of them perfectly matched what his audience needed… so he made Remotise.

SD has been doing digital marketing for past 8 years, and currently leads Remotise and the podcast.

Items Mentioned in the Show:

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