TRP 002: Ex-Amazon Employee Ditches 6-Figure Income for $2k a Month

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Anthony Cofrancesco shares his experience leaving Amazon and the fundamental mindsets when it comes to work and money.

You’ll Learn:

  • How money is fundamentally different based on where you live in the world.
  • How much income do you need to live lavishly in the Philippines.
  • How it’s easier to meet high-level entrepreneurs outside of America than in America.
  • How to manage a team of 25+ Filipinos

About Anthony:

Anthony is an avid traveler, visiting over 35 different countries at only 24 years old. He manages a full creative team as the Director of Operations at Virtuous Graphics. His current home base is in Manila, Philippines.

Anthony is a busy man! His current side projects include BrainyFlights.com, where he teaches you how to hack flights and travel on any budget, and co-founded Minute Cut (coming soon!) with Matt Tran, an easy to use service where they take your vacation footage and edit them into beautiful bite-size videos to share on social media. 

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