Jennifer Lachs, founder of the digital nomads girl community

TRP 012: The #1 Problem Holding Women Back from Working Remotely with Jennifer Lachs

Imagine you just landed in Bali, Indonesia and you have a big client project due in 24 hours. You need to find a coworking space that has amazing internet, vegan food a stone’s throw away, oh– and you needed coffee, like, yesterday.

Normally you’d be pulling your hair out at this moment but instead, you pull your phone out and ask 20,000 people the best coworking space near your airport and 30 people respond right away.


That’s The Digital Nomad Girls Community for you. In this episode of The Remotise Podcast, I chat with Jennifer Lachs about the importance of community, especially as a female digital nomad.

You’ll Learn:

  • Gamifying your remote job search
  • The mindset to say “Fuck having just one passion.”
  • How confidence plays an important role in remote work.
  • What it takes to get over the dreaded Imposter Syndrome
  • The problem with social media and the digital nomad lifestyle
  • The types of people who become digital nomads
  • How much money do you need to have to start a digital nomad lifestyle

About Jennifer:

A chemist before her digital nomad life, she now runs the wildly popular Digital Nomad Girls Mastermind and community. Originally from Munich, Germany, she has lived and worked in over a dozen countries for the past 10 years. After finishing her PhD in chemistry in 2013, she went on a round-the-world trip that has since turned into a full-time location independent lifestyle.

Items Mentioned in the Show:

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