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TRP 014: Personal Growth, Discomfort, and Accountability as a Digital Nomad

Kieran Browning shares his insight hosting successful personal-development masterminds, curating realistic goals to effectively keep yourself accountable, and many more!

I initially met Kieran last year interviewing him for Engineered Truth. He invited me to one of his masterminds and the rest is history. We share similar beliefs in spirituality, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

A lot of what he’s able to accomplish was also through seeking discomfort, learning digital marketing, and finding what’s worth struggling for. He gets deep into it, in this episode.

You’ll Learn:

  • The nightmare of complacency and what to do about it
  • Kieran’s personal conversation funnel to network, build relationships and find work
  • How to create an “accountability mastermind” group
  • The level of confidence you receive when learning an in-demand skill
  • The importance of personal development, focus, and purpose.

About Kieran:

Kieran Browning is a digital nomad living primarily in Saigon, Vietnam. For money, he’s a marketing manager for an online store. During his free time, Kieran does martial arts, writes comedy, sings, plays the ukulele, and poker.

He also runs the introspective podcast, Happier Digital Nomad, where he interviews guests, talks about their alternative lifestyle, and finding purpose as a digital nomad.

Items Mentioned in the Show:

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