TRP 016: I Discovered a Weird Job Application Trick That DOUBLED My Response Rate

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I just finished my project with DigitalNomad.com and I’m on the next job hunt.

Closing a contract is like losing a job but on a mutually positive note. If this were to happen to me 5 years ago, I would be sweating bullets and maybe even crying myself to sleep at night.

During that time, I was just learning to be 100% responsible for myself. Bills, rent, insurance, you name it.

It was all under me and I was living paycheck to paycheck at that time.

If I lost my job, I would be panicking to take anything that would barely keep me afloat, even if I hated it.

I felt like I was in no position to negotiate salary, no position to look for new opportunities, or no position to have many options to choose from.

But fast forward to now, I’m actually super excited and pumped for the next gig.

Last year, I stumbled on a cool way to apply to jobs that lead me to be able to work from anywhere in the world and travel like a mofo.

I just came back from Chile to watch the Solar Eclipse.

But I’m blessed that I took the steps to make this my reality and I want to tell you how I did it so you can take this same process to increase your job application response rate to more than DOUBLE.

There’s a caveat though because not everyone can benefit from this strategy.

The people with the right online skills that can be hired on as an online freelancer can use this strategy.

For me, that’s digital marketing.

But this same strategy can be applied to any experienced copywriters, graphic designers, coders, salesmen, and developers.

I’m about to break down the technique, the mindset, and the benefits to this.


I call this strategy The Perfect Video Pitch

You’ll Learn:

  • The details inside The Perfect Video Pitch
  • How the Perfect Video Pitch hooks your potential employer or client into wanting to learn more about you
  • The easiest ways to show off your experience and knowledge
  • Tips and tricks to make you look good on camera

Items Mentioned in the Show:

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