TRP 017: Why Remote Work Loneliness is the New Professional Challenge

In this episode of The Remotise Podcast, we have Mike Cee from Tribe Theory Startup Village.

Tribe Theory is a multi-national co-working and co-living space that caters to start-ups, creatives, and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

I was lucky enough to stay with them for an entire month in Bali, Indonesia where I met Mike.

You’ll Learn:

  • The solution to the common challenge that plagues remote workers and digital nomads.
  • The difference between Tribe Theory vs other hostels.
  • Mike’s journey to becoming his own boss and working remote

About Mike:

Mike Cee is a Country Manager for Hong Kong Tribe Theory. When he’s not spreading the gospel of co-working and co-living, he’s surfing mad waves off the coast of Indonesia, chopping it up with transients around the world, and producing music and rapping.

Items Mentioned in the Show:

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