The Ultimate “How to Become a Digital Nomad” Test with Chris Backe- TRP: 024

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Take the test to see if you are ready to become a digital nomad!

If you’re starting out, there are steps you can take to reveal whether becoming a digital nomad can work for you!
Book a flight to a different town within your country.

Get an Airbnb or hotel, pack your life into one carry-on and one luggage, and try living out of it for 2 weeks or a month.

Assess the pros and cons for yourself. Is the remote lifestyle truly for you?

Chris Backe offers step by step instructions to help you transition into a fully paid digital nomad in his book, “Becoming a Digital Nomad.”

You’ll learn:

  • How to make a name for yourself through consistency
  • Hack the 90 day visa by “ping ponging” back and forth western and Eastern Europe (Schengen Area)
  • 8 Steps to Going Remote:
    • 1. Focus on knowing what you want, understanding the person you are
    • 2. Knowing your limitation
    • 3. Making money
    • 4. Get affairs in order
    • 5. Gear up and slim down
    • 6. Move and settle in
    • 7. Enjoying your new life
    • 8. Coming home
  • Emotional Baggage follows you no matter where you move to
  • You can’t change the system, but you also don’t have to be apart of it
  • Which do you prefer…?:
    • Living a life where you know exactly what to do, day in and day out. Everything you do builds up other people’s business?
    • Or go take up the challenges and build your own business? (I know which one I’d rather have)

Chris Backe:

Graduated in 2004, spend the next 3 years doing BORING and UNFULFILLING jobs until he found an opportunity to teach English in Korea! While teaching in Korea, he taught himself new skills like photography and writing. Within a year, he moved to Chiang Mai with his new wife leaving English teaching behind. He began writing books to empower digital nomads to make the smoothest transition possible. He is also a web developer, board game designer, and a coach! He has been successfully working remotely for 6 years.


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